Hello! Roy Ripper here...
I've been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most amazing mentors and coaches in my career including Tony Byrne, James Caan and Ann Swain and each of them have played a significant role in my personal success.

Today, I enjoy being a part of three different mastermind groups, in addition to having my own personal coach I meet with for one hour every week.

The return on my investment (and business connections) that I receive from being a part of those groups is massive and as an added bonus some of my closest and most trusted friends come from groups like these.

Good mentors and coaches know what works, what doesn't, and have contacts they are willing to share with you.

The consultancy work I do with my 1-2-1 clients is some of the most rewarding...but hardest work I do. The commitment I give to my clients is immense, because when I work with them, THEIR business is MY business.
"We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it"
Albert Einstein
Nicolas shares his experience of working with Roy...
Founder of 'Silicon Executive Search' Nicolas Greppo, had a clear set of business objectives and goals he wanted to achieve with Roy within 12 months of setting up his business and in this short video, Nicolas shares his experience of being coached by Roy and having him involved in his business. 

What goals do you want to achieve?
"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”
Jim Rohn
1-2-1 Consultancy & Coaching for Recruitment Directors, 
Business Owners & Solopreneurs
As my personal client you I am invested in YOUR business and so will share with you all of my 27+ years in recruitment, plus my black book of industry contacts and my personal email so that you can contact me for support on business challenges that come up between our 1-2-1 sessions. 

On top of the personal direction you get from me, you are also invited to get further support from my coaching group, included as part of your programme. 
1-2-1 Consultancy...
  • 2x 30 minute video consultancy sessions every month
  • Every call is recorded and the video sent to you to keep
  • Roy's personal email for support needed outside of call times
  • Access to Roy's black book of worldwide industry contacts & key figures
...combined with Group Coaching & Support
  • Weekly motivational and 'checking-in' emails from Roy
  •  Access to a member's only online forum for support and knowledge sharing from other business owners
  •  Complimentary invitations to work with Roy live in person, twice per year in small, intimate workshop style events with other business owners
Membership:  £697 per month              
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
Chinese Proverb
What do others say about working with Roy? 

Hamza Zaouali, MD, Iris Executives

"Roy's coaching has revealed multiple blind spots in my business that to be frank were paralyzing any potential of growth. In the beginning, I was skeptical that Roy could really help us as we are located in Dubai and our market (Emiratisation) is very different from the ones you find in the UK and Europe. That skepticism did not last and our business has begun a long awaited rebirth. Roy's value is priceless!" 

Daniel Faulkner, MD, Arthur Financial

"The coaching I’ve received over the past 9 years has been invaluable to growing Arthur Financial. Hard work and graft can only get you so far but direction and focus from a successful coach who has been through the growth process before is absolutely crucial." 

Natalie Ellis, MD, Ellis Recruitment

"Roy has been the most fantastic, positive and inspiring mentor who has certainly helped me shape my future and given me a structured blueprint to realise my 'perfect exit strategy' from my recruitment business . Roy has continued to push me to a higher standard for myself and has introduced me to the world of self-development which has been truly life-changing."

Paul Derry, MD, Austin May Associates

"The positive impact of Roy’s techniques and guidance has made on my business has been phenomenal. His exceptional knowledge of recruitment combined with the ability to convey and install good habits into my daily routine has enabled me to build a successful business based on repeat business."

Jonathan Clarke, MD, Icognia

"Roy's coaching is one of the best things we have done for our business and is definitely one of the best value. His insights into people in recruitment, how to recruit, motivate and retain is an eye opener. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone who is serious about making a positive difference to their business."

Nathan Connolly, Director, Consortia

"Roy as a coach is definitely unlike any other. Our profit for the latest quarter is up 200% year on year, NFI is up by £100,000 and every consultant is on target to meet projections. In 3 months we've delivered what previously we delivered in 7!"

Disha Solanki, MD, Harper Avery

"Roy's support and unrelenting belief that I can build a business has been invaluable to me since working with him. I have personally made my single highest placement fee ($62,000) by implementing his placement processes, and the business has seen positive growth in all areas. I now strongly believe the success I am looking for can be achieved along with our strategic exit in the next five years"

Graham Allmond, MD, Pluswork

"Roy's coaching provides a well-needed injection of energy and enthusiasm, combined with the awareness that we are not alone in dealing with the challenges of a modern recruitment business."

Toby Thwaites, MD, Purple Consultancy

"Coaching and sharing problems and solutions with peers has played an invaluable part in the growth of our business. Many of the initiatives that we have implemented over the years have come out of these sessions with Roy and they have undoubtedly contributed to our success."

Adrienne Youngman, Partner, Mongolia Talent Network

"Roy really sparks things off and gets thoughts going...the ideas that he's given us will enable us to explore options we wouldn't have been able to otherwise."

Jason Perry, Director, Hunt4Staff

"Roy brings an enormous depth of experience to the table and does so in such a down to earth manner. His ability to add value to the decision-making process or strategic planning is huge."

Neal Lucas, MD, Lucas Recruitment

"During the first six months of this year, our turnover has surpassed our annual total from last year, profitability has doubled and we have moved almost exclusively to retained work. I must include Roy in the credits for these results, as he helped me focus and manage the growth effectively."

Alice Weightman, MD, Hanson Search

"I was trained by Roy over 15 years ago so it felt natural to bring him into the business to make sure we were all aligned with our recruitment methods and process. Offering external support to the business has been very effective at increasing motivation, performance and commerciality."

Graham Martin, MD, Orchard Recruitment

"I engaged Roy to coach me through a six month project and found him to be incredibly supportive , great value and often going the extra EXTRA mile!"
Donna shares her experience of working with Roy...
CEO of 'The Talem Recruitment Group' Donna Barnes, explains what how she feels Roy has helped her business in the 18 months they've been working together and why he is different to previous mentors and consultants they have used in the business. 

What do you think you could achieve by having someone with over 27 years of experience of the recruitment industry working in your business? 
Apply now and get started...
Roy chooses to work with only a small number of recruiters at any one time in the 1-2-1 programme so that he can commit fully to each one. 

Acceptance onto the programme is by application only. 

Currently Roy's rosta of 1-2-1 clients is full. 

If you would like to complete and application and be notified of when a space becomes available, please email 

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